Dave’s 2nd Album 118% Crowdfunded. All info and videos here!

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Crowdfunder for Dave Brons’ 2nd album is finished!

Find out more at this link.


We managed to fund the album for £9500  ($12500)!!!!   THANK YOU



Here are a load of videos linked to this album launch.  Grab a coffee and get a flavour of all the work that has gone into this album!

Behind the scenes stuff in the studio,  album cover, preproduction sessions and more.



Behind the scenes taster recorded at Chairworks Studios UK

A clip of some Lydian Mode Improvisation for the album by The Great Yorkshire Chorus

Some of the best guitarists on the planet are cheering us on!


A message from producer Dave Bainbridge, last seen taking the hobbits to Isengard!
A short Clip of the fantastic Catherine Ashcroft on pipes

A clip of one of the more Celtic sounding tunes on the album.


Haunting Celtic Pipes! The first run through of one of the songs with Catherine.


One of the more orchestral sounding tracks!


Dave Bainbridge in producer mode in the studio!


We were in the woods on Halloween shooting the album cover!!


An Early rehearsal/ writing session

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