Ep 08 Composing from the Void Pt1

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This episode looks at 3 techniques to break out of writers block:

1, Melodic Shapes    2,Physical shapes    3, Form Shapes.
The songs referenced are Voyager, Star from Based on a true Story by Dave Brons. Nimrod by Elgar, Sonata no 8 (pathetique) by Beethoven, and So What from Kinda Blue by Miles Davis.

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2 Responses to “Ep 08 Composing from the Void Pt1”

  1. Michael Hodson

    Hi Dave
    Just watched BronsCast EP8… I found it fascinating.
    It’s so generous of you to share you experience with others.
    Hope to see you play live again in the near future (we were at the Cafe Bar in Halifax earlier this year).
    Keep making great music.
    Michael Hodson


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