Dave Brons – Read reviews of my album here!

I’ve compiled some reviews of my album. They are in English, French, Spanish and Dutch If you are from a magazine or music blog and would like to review my album, please get in touch by emailing info@davebrons.com   Prog Radar : (UK) Review – Dave Brons – Not all Those Who Wander are Lost… Read more »

VIDEOS for “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” by Dave Brons

        For more details Click HERE https://davebrons.bandcamp.com/merch Watch some of the album videos below Track #1 Track #2 Track #3 Track #4 Track #5 Track #6 Track #7 Track #8 Track #9 Track #10 Track #11 Track #12 Track #13 This Lord of the Rings inspired Album is available here  https://davebrons.bandcamp.com/ You also… Read more »

Dave’s 2nd Album 118% Crowdfunded. All info and videos here!

Crowdfunder for Dave Brons’ 2nd album is finished! Find out more at this link. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dave-brons-2nd-album-not-all-who-wander-are-lost/x/3280987#/ We managed to fund the album for £9500  ($12500)!!!!   THANK YOU     Here are a load of videos linked to this album launch.  Grab a coffee and get a flavour of all the work that has gone into this… Read more »

EP15 A time to Rest, A time to Rage

BronsCast Ep15 A time to Rest, A time to Rage! In this episode I talk about; burnout, creative seasons, procrastination, confronting fear and other issues in the journey to making my 2nd album. A note for your diaries, the crowdfunder/album preorder launches on Sept 28, 2018  

Celestial Fire Tour Dates 2018

Celtic infused Rock; delivering an emotive blend of ethereal vocals, symphonic soundscapes, and progressive rock virtuosity. Featuring : Dave Bainbridge and Frank Van Essen (IONA), Simon Fitzpatrick (Carl Palmer Band), Sally Minnear and Dave Brons. >>>Get Tickets Below >>> BRADFORD  Thursday 13th, The Light Church, Jubilee Centre, Jermyn Street, Bradford, BD1 4EJ, UK TICKETS  East… Read more »

Ep 14 Resistance is Art – Part 2

“You don’t know what you’ve got, till its gone”… Joni Mitchell. This BronsCast discusses Gratitude and Resistance and the importance of creativity in what it means to feel alive and be human. This Episode references a podcast by RadioLab which you can listen to here https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/unraveling-bolero Don’t forget you and your friends can Get 3… Read more »

Ep 13 Resistance is Art –

In this podcast I talk about a random old woman I met on a run through the countryside and how she inspired my thoughts about the importance of the mindset of  “Resistance” is in putting out art, music, undertaking a new journey. If you enjoyed the podcast, ‘Join the Resistance’ at my website http://eepurl.com/Af_Nz You can… Read more »

Come hang out!

Hellooo Just a quick message to let you know that I hope you’ll come and hang out with me on my Facebook page. There are about 16.000 people following my page. We chat about our favourite music, guitar gear, books and films (Lord of the Rings mostly!!) I’m going to doing live videos and hangouts… Read more »

Celestial Fire Tour: Feb-March 2018

Celtic infused Rock; delivering an emotive blend of ethereal vocals, symphonic soundscapes, and progressive rock virtuosity. Featuring : Dave Bainbridge and Frank Van Essen (IONA), Simon Fitzpatrick (Carl Palmer Band), Sally Minnear and Dave Brons. >>>Get Tickets Below >>> 28th Feb, The Light Church, Bradford (plus support from Daniel Day) – tickets on sale now… Read more »

Dave Brons Album 2 is coming soon!

  Get Exclusive Early Bird Discounts on Album pre-order  – Click – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dave-brons-album-2-guitar/coming_soon Album Cover Shoot  As we wandered through the woods on Bonfire Night, the Castle ruins came into view. The light was fading, and only the Owl calls cut through the babble of the nearby river. As the photographer painted the surroundings with… Read more »

Ep 12 The Psychology of Creativity with Dr Roger Bretherton

Dr Bretherton  is doing research at the cutting edge of a new brand field called Positive Psychology.  For this podcast Dave Brons wanted to find out how creativity can be enhanced by better understanding how our mind works.   We mainly focused on the 3 stages of creativity and the 3 stages of creative careers.

Official Bootleg Live is out now!

HD digital video download out now   https://davebrons.bandcamp.com/album/official-bootleg-live-video The Story Dave Brons wanted to create a Video of a Live performance that was honest and raw, not an edited and ‘fixed afterwards’ type thing that is common these days. Honest and Intense So we recorded a concert of Dave’s album “Based on a True Story” with… Read more »

Ep 11 Maximise Creative Energy

Dave Brons talks about Internet Trolls, Creative Energy, Strategies for Maximising Efficiency, Planning, Social Media, and Minimalism all on the route to finding your thing and releasing it to the world.

Ep 10 Is perfection handmade by robots?

Dave Brons talks about how perfectionism can be crippling, leading to fear and procrastination. He talks about the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi, and discusses strategies that have helped him overcome his fear of releasing his Live Bootleg DVD/download. The video of this podcast is on Dave’s Youtube channel and website. Also Check out his blog http://davebrons.com/perfectionism-is-a-social-disease/  

Dave Brons Official Bootleg LIVE : Preorders close 23rd December!

  HERE IS THE LINK for all the info:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dave-brons-official-bootleg-preorder-guitar/x/3280987#/ I’m terrified and excited at the same time! Ever since my album “Based on a True Story” came out, people have been asking (especially my American friends) if I’m going to tour the USA, Scotland, Australia, Holland…etc etc etc. Well, I did a small European… Read more »

Ep 09 Lee Wrathe on the new music industry

I believe its easier than ever before to make a living from the things you create: Music, Art, Videos, books etc. In this episode I talk to Lee Wrathe, a guitar player who makes a living from doing Youtube Guitar Gear demonstrations.  We talk about his journey to making a living from playing guitar and… Read more »

Celestial Fire 2016 UK Tour Blog and Gear Video

We are on TOUR again in FEB-MARCH 2018 Details at the end of this BLOG…   2016 Tour Blog It’s 2:30 AM. I’m exhausted. Spent. Drained. Not the kind of exhaustion you get when you are fed up of the grinding mundanity of things. This is the other kind: The kind of tiredness you get… Read more »

Ep 08 Composing from the Void Pt1

This episode looks at 3 techniques to break out of writers block: 1, Melodic Shapes    2,Physical shapes    3, Form Shapes. The songs referenced are Voyager, Star from Based on a true Story by Dave Brons. Nimrod by Elgar, Sonata no 8 (pathetique) by Beethoven, and So What from Kinda Blue by Miles Davis…. Read more »