Dave Brons News coming soon

I’m going to start posting all my news on my website starting from next week.  Big news like gigs, tours, major album updates etc. will appear here.  More day to day stuff will still be on my Facebook and Twitter pages (Just click on the links above). So this is the best place to get… Read more »

10 Survival Tools for Serious Guitarists

Welcome to the Guitarist Survival Guide! As the title suggests this blog is aimed more a guitar players who want to make a living from music but also has many relevant tools for people learning guitar or playing guitar as a hobby. After all, guitar playing might be a hobby right now, but you never… Read more »

5 steps to kickstarting your music career

Should I give up my day job and pursue my dream of being a full time musician? This is a question I asked have asked myself 100’s of times. We’ve felt this before right? I know what it is like to be stuck in a dead end job, feeling like your life is wasting away!… Read more »