Dave Brons Official Bootleg LIVE : Preorders close 23rd December!

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HERE IS THE LINK for all the info:


I’m terrified and excited at the same time!
Ever since my album “Based on a True Story” came out, people have been asking (especially my American friends) if I’m going to tour the USA, Scotland, Australia, Holland…etc etc etc.

Well, I did a small European Tour with GB3 a few years ago and I’m hoping to tour the US in the future however… but until that happens, I thought I’d do a gig at a local venue, invite some friends and film it for you.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Ugly
I’m sure you have heard me talk about perfectionism being the disease of the current technological age.
You know, these days everything is photo-shopped, autotuned, polished and ‘perfected’.
This has two effects: you only see a fake, curated ‘performance’ and musicians are increasingly to scared to play live in case “they get found out”.

The Bad
I’ll be honest! I’m not immune to the pressure of this.  There ARE mistakes on this live performance (e.g. like a couple of wrong notes on the start of the video below)  However, I decided to do something crazy: I have not fixed any of the mistakes…in fact: I recorded it in a way so that YOU get the most authentic experience possible.
How? I recorded it with a single stereo microphone.  This meant I could not fix it even if I wanted to. No overdubs, no fixing, no faking.

The Good
As you can hear, we worked hard to getting the band sounding good in the room.
I feel that the magic of a real live performance is captured. The improvised moments, (like at the end of the video), the reactions of the band and the crowd, my guitar faces are all there.
This is no curated pop band video: this is the real thing!  My aim, is for you to feel like you were sat on the front row, right there at the gig.

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